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The remaining, unlucky 2,500 yogis would be grimly reminded of international passenger safety regulations (translated for their understanding into Sanskrit couplets chanted to them by a cheap Chinese tape recorder, with occasional lines of rap music inserted to prevent them from falling asleep) and then bludgeoned into the unaccustomed torture of occupying their cushioned seats: three yogis per seat on Economy Class seats, five yogis per seat in Business Class, and 25 yogis ingeniously stacked per seat in first class, with the odd yogis flying in a shirshasana or yogic head-stand position.

from “How to Make 2 Billion and Change” in The Empire BItes Back or i will Not Go the F**k to Sleep  (paperback, Kindle). 

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“Man, the most exquisite part of whose life is perhaps ten or twenty years, should practice Kama as soon and for as long as is biologically possible, and emigrate to America — where, according to Hollywood movies and assorted Western novels, millions of insatiable and sexually ravenous women await his arrival, ready to serve his pleasure, and theirs.”
— The Revised Kama Sutra, circa Twentieth Century A.D.

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I Put a Spell on You.


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Those dead writers kept us alive. SIX WORDS (3/18/14). And sometimes, the living writers do.